Yuba Bikes with founder Ben Sarrazin

Yuba Bikes founder Ben Sarrazin joins me for Episode 12. He shares what inspired him to create the company, how the bikes have evolved over the last decade, and his thoughts on cargo biking both here in the States and abroad. I know there are many Yuba owners in the Family Pedals community (my family included) and I hope you enjoy learning a little more about the company and the person who started it.

The Bike Year with Bill Brodegard

Bill Brodegard joins me in Episode 11 to share how his family’s “bike year” is going. Last spring they sold their car and committed to the adventure of a car-free lifestyle for one year. He talks about what he has discovered through the project, whether they will continue once the year ends, and his theory about how life is like slicing tomatoes.

Small Town Cycling with Rachel Jonat of the Minimalist Mom

Rachel Jonat, founder of the Minimalist Mom blog, joins me for Episode 10. We chat about her experience with active transportation in very different locations: Vancouver, on the Isle of Man, and now in small town British Columbia. She illuminates the unexpected benefits of cycling in a smaller city and the ways in which active transportation is supported differently there.

Electric Bikes and Inclusivity with Dave Cohen of Vbike

Dave Cohen, the founder of Vbike, joins me for Episode 9. We have a wide ranging discussion that covers Vbike’s origins and role in the community, how electric bikes can help mitigate for poor infrastructure, the dangers of automobilism, and how biking can engage our senses and create a deeper sense of connection to the world around us.