Life Lately

Amazed by the eclipse. We traveled to Missouri to see the totality. We missed out on the shadows due to a thin layer of clouds, but could still see the eclipse and the ring during the totality. We are already counting down to the totality here in Bloomington in 2024!

Enjoying the time when both kids are in school. E started preschool at the beginning of August and is now going three mornings a week. It feels like the start of a new era for our family–both kids in school, no diapers, and the youngest in preschool!

Proud of HP. He is now a kindergartener! It was a bit overwhelming at first with all of the new things, but he has settled right in. I am so impressed with his teacher and the school community. When I would think about HP starting kindergarten a few years ago it seemed like so long for him to be gone and like a lot for a newly minted five year old, but now that we are here it feels like the exact right thing. Funny how that happens.

Struggling with the after-school hours. Pick-up takes always takes longer than I think. HP is hungry and tired after holding it together at school all day. And there there are all the sibling squabbles. I am now going armed with a variety of snacks to feed him before starting the walk home in the hopes that it improves the situation.

Featured on the Sarah R Bagley Podcast. We had a great conversation about creativity, motherhood, and the launch of Family Pedals. It was a fun experience to be on the other end of an interview. I’d love for you to give it a listen!

Walking regularly. As much as I would like to, making it to the gym regularly is not a happening thing in my life. Instead of fighting that, I am shifting my expectations and going for walks while catching up on podcasts–two things I love.

Listening to the We Live Here podcast about race and class. I especially enjoyed the most recent one about the “Woke Spectrum.”

Celebrating Neil’s birthday this weekend with rock climbing, dairy-free desserts, and random presents made by HP out of tape and paper.

Thinking of everyone affected by Harvey, and now Irma. The amount of destruction is overwhelming. I am terrified that this is our new normal re natural disasters. Stay safe, friends.

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