Planning, Parking, and Pedaling with Lindsay Bayley

Lindsay Bayley is a planner for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. She joins me on the show to talk about how she became car-free, how parking policies affect livability, and how to get involved at the local level to support active transportation policies. See below for all the resources we discussed in the episode.

You can find Lindsay on Twitter and me on Instagram. Thanks so much for listening!


  1. Luis Patricio | 15th Nov 17

    I started following your podcast recently and it is amazing. I feel so at home here. Thank you!

    As Lindsay suggested, instead of reading the book, you can hear this podcast with Donald Shoup. Really interesting ideas there:

    • Sarah Kopper | 19th Nov 17

      Thanks for sharing that resource–I will definitely check it out. I am so glad you are enjoying the show!

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