Biking In Winter

I am in the middle of my second winter biking with two kids. Here’s my secret: it’s not actually that different from biking other times of the year. To provide some context for our experience, let me give you a picture of what we are facing:

Our bicycle fleet

How exactly do we make life with two children and no car work? With many, many bikes. Here’s what we’re riding these days:

Cargo bikes

In praise of the front-mounted bicycle seat

We started using a front-mounted bicycle seat with our kids when they were around eleven months old. It was the primary way HP and I traveled around Austin until he outgrew the seat around age two and a half. Now that we have two kids, I usually use the Madsen to get around town, though Neil prefers the Yuba Mundo with HP in the back and E in the front. If you are only biking with one kid, the front seat is the way to go. Here’s why:

Bike Camping

Earlier this month we went bike camping at Yellowwood State Forest. HP had been camping twice before, but it was E’s very first time and therefore our first camping experience as a family of four.