Switching to Cycling with Elsbeth Cool

Elsbeth Cool was car-free for years in Chicago before becoming a cargo bike enthusiast and now owner of Four Star Family Cyclery. In this episode she shares how she went from walking and using public transit to riding all-year round. We have a great conversation about the evolution of her biking set-up, her advice for biking through the winter, and how she handles the curiosity and judgment that comes with biking as a family. Tune back in next time for part two where she shares more about why she started her business, what they do, and what it’s like being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry.

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Active Transportation Advocacy with Lisa Corriveau

Lisa Corriveau–aka Spokesmama–joins me for Episode 5 to talk about living car-free in Vancouver, British Columbia. She shares how she started cycling, how her family uses car-share, which cargo bikes she prefers, and how she advocates for active transportation both through her work teaching cycling classes and as a member of Vancouver’s Active Transportation Policy Council.

You can find Lisa on her blog, Instagram, or Twitter.

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Family Bike Camping with Mark Stosberg

Mark Stosberg joins me for Episode 4. He lives a car-lite life in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife and two kids. In addition to riding all over town, he regularly goes bike camping with his family, including a ten-day tour of Southern Indiana in the summer of 2016. He is writing a book called Let’s Go Family Bike Camping that will include stories from his many trips, detailed gear explanations, and tips for making these adventures a success. You can find Mark on Twitter, Instagram, or on his blog.

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Creative Car-Sharing with Caitlin Macklin

Caitlin and the family she car-shares with, riding through the streets of Austin.

My friend Caitlin Macklin joins me for Episode 3 of Family Pedals. She is a parent, teacher, and active transportation enthusiast living in Austin, Texas. We discuss being flexible and creative when facing physical injuries, the car-sharing arrangement she created with another family down the street, and how she moved her schoolhouse to its new location via bicycle.

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Cycling in Suburbia with Chris Wharton


In episode two I interview Chris Wharton. Chris and his family live in Gilbert, Arizona–a suburb in the sprawling Phoenix metropolitan area. A few years ago he sold their second car and began incorporating more utilitarian cycling into his everyday life. We touch on a variety of topics including:

  • How and why they became a one-car family
  • How he travels with his two kids by bike
  • How he has fostered a love of cycling in his children
  • The biggest challenges of being a one-car family in Phoenix
  • How he survives biking in extreme weather conditions
  • Recommendations for family’s considering incorporating more active transportation in their lives

Chris brings an interesting perspective as a professor at Arizona State University who studies behavior change, healthy defaults, and voluntary simplicity. If you want to read or hear more from him, you can follow his blog Practically Awesome or listen to the personal finance podcast Matrimoney he hosts with his wife, Kelsey.

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