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I have exciting news to share: I am launching a new podcast today! I wanted to create a show that would share stories of families who are living car-free or car-lite so we can learn from and be inspired by each other.

It has been such a fun–and challenging!–learning experience to create and produce an interview-style podcast. I will be releasing new episodes every other Tuesday (on opposite Tuesdays as Friendlier, the show I co-host with Abby Olena).

In the first episode, I interview my husband Neil Kopper. I thought it would be a good place to start so listeners can get to know more about our family, how and why we ended up selling our car eight years ago, and how we get around with two young children all year round. Here’s the most recent picture I have us from earlier in the summer:

Resources and links related to this episode:

I would love to hear your feedback on the show! You can leave a comment here, find me on Instagram @familypedals, or send me an email at I would also appreciate if you could take the time to rate and review the show on iTunes; it really helps new shows like mine get in front of more listeners.

Thanks for listening!


  1. David Groff | 9th Aug 17

    I sent you an email also, but this is an amazing podcast! My family of 6 also bike commutes(way out in Eugene, Oregon) and would love to share our story! Great job you two!

    • Sarah Kopper | 9th Aug 17

      Thanks so much! And yes, let’s talk! I’ll send you an email.

  2. Caitlin | 19th Aug 17

    Great episode, Sarah! It was so inspiring to hear all about your family’s process of moving to car freedom. I’m looking forward to the continued conversation, thank you for creating this community!

    • Sarah Kopper | 20th Aug 17

      Thanks, Caitlin! And thanks for being us an inspiration to our family.

  3. Doug CohenMiller | 12th Oct 17

    Amazing first episode. You are both super interesting and I love the thoughtfulness of your life choices. You’ve put words to a lot of nebulous thoughts I’ve had and given me so much else to consider.

    On the rental car insurance topic: many credit cars include very comprehensive rental car insurance if you use it to pay for the rental. In particular our Amex does so we always use that to rent cars, and never buy the extra insurance from the rental agency.

    • Sarah Kopper | 13th Oct 17

      Thanks for listening to the show! We use our credit card when we rent as well, but ours only covers damage to the rental vehicle, not liability. If we were in a truly terrible accident and were found at fault, it is the liability piece that could bankrupt us, which is why we fork over the money. I would love to find a card that covered more than the car itself! I’ll have to look into what Amex offers.

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