Small Town Cycling with Rachel Jonat of the Minimalist Mom

Rachel Jonat, founder of the Minimalist Mom blog, joins me for Episode 10. We chat about her experience with active transportation in very different locations: Vancouver, on the Isle of Man, and now in small town British Columbia. She illuminates the unexpected benefits of cycling in a smaller city and the ways in which active transportation is supported differently there. Below you’ll find links to everything we mentioned in the show:

If you’d like to connect with Rachel, you can also find her on Instagram. Be sure to check out her latest book that just released early this month: The Joy of Doing Nothing.

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  1. Shelbi | 4th Jan 18

    I think fear is definitely holding me back from riding a bike around town with my kid. It’s scary and frankly bikers have a reputation in my area about being pretentious and entitled. I want people to still care about me as a driver especially when my child is in tow.

    • Sarah Kopper | 5th Jan 18

      Thanks for commenting. Fear around cycling as a family is huge obstacle to getting started. And you are right–there is so much work to be done around how cyclists and motorists perceive each other and need for respect on both sides. That problem feels so big; I am not sure how to start solving it except to be courteous when riding and to assume the best in other people, even though that isn’t going to change the culture of a community overnight.

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