Yuba Bikes with founder Ben Sarrazin

Yuba Bikes founder Ben Sarrazin joins me for Episode 12. He shares what inspired him to create the company, how the bikes have evolved over the last decade, and his thoughts on cargo biking both here in the States and abroad. I know there are many Yuba owners in the Family Pedals community (my family included) and I hope you enjoy learning a little more about the company and the person who started it.

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  1. Luis Patricio | 31st Jan 18

    Another great episode. With my three kids getting bigger by the hour, I certainly need an upgrade to a cargo bike.

    I heard your next episode is about the yellow bike project. I have a project with a similar name but different goal. It’s a children’s book.

    I thought it is too big of a coincidence and also something that you may find interesting. If you wanna take a look. Here’s the link:


    • Sarah Kopper | 5th Feb 18

      What a cool project! My husband was really frustrated with the selection of active transportation books available for our kids (virtually none), so he wrote his own and made it into a cloth book. I am so glad there are people like you out there making these types of books more widely available.

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